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" Born to rule"

Short story by Juju’s Pearls  There is thunderstorm, lightening is playing hide and seek with dark grey clouds loaded with rain waiting for a fierce outpour. The winds are blowing crazily to sweep away the heavy clouds. In the middle of a remote village, a tiny lamp is swaying and trying it’s best to keep the flame burning. A young lady, Regina is in labor pain, about to deliver. The local village doctor is trying his best to do the procedure in the hut. There is water everywhere and winds are lashing at high speeds. It seems like a near impossible task. “Where there is a will, there is a way” is a famous saying. Praying to almighty, all three of them pledge for a positive outcome. The doctor and her husband, Richard helps her in pushing. She is nearing exhaustion and almost on the verge of giving up, when her husband gently presses her hand and says, ‘Dear, just one more effort.” The lady closes her eyes and cries out loudly into the wild dark night. Suddenly, there is cry of a baby.

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