Walk in the park# Life's lesson

Walk in the park# life's lesson  A bright Saturday early morning, overcast Delhi skies, I tie my favourite sneakers and set out for a walk in the park. Never realized, as to how every step that I took, I got a clearer picture of life. It seemed the whole circle of life was moving in this park right front of my eyes. Most of the faces were unfamiliar. The faces I remember from my childhood days seemed to have crossed over to the other dimension. The park was alive with life. Toddlers in their prams, children playing sports, young people running or walking, elderly chitchatting on benches, few doing exercise in open gym. Green grass patch had small group of yoga class. The centre clearing was stage for hip hop dance class. This sight left me spellbound. Birds were singing in harmony, butterflies added their fluttering notes, their rhythm, squirrels running from one tree to another. I felt overwhelmed. I could visualize myself in different age grous in all these scenes. My trance

It's always about you # Never us!

Reader's Choice # Stop comparing!

Reader's Choice # Stop comparing! (P.S. The name of reader in Reader’s Choice blog write ups is never disclosed. Any close resemblance to anyone is purely incidental. In this write up, I will dwell upon marital relationship from girl’s viewpoint to honor Reader’s request). Fingers of our hand are unequal in length. The purpose of each finger is different. Do we ever compare our little finger with our thumb or fore finger? Never! The answer is so obvious. Then why do we compare ourselves with others in many aspects. One tends to compare houses, vehicles, income, family, children, their college etc and even relationships. Two different souls with entirely different backgrounds tie the nuptial knot with a promise to live till last breath and beyond. Initial euphoria gets settled and reality hits both of them. In patriarchal society, the girl leaves her house, surname and gives her best shot to whole heartedly accept the boy’s family. (Exceptions are always there.)The boy is used t

Reader's Choice # Appreciate the living

Reader's Choice # Appreciate the living (P.S. The name of reader in Reader’s Choice blog write ups is never disclosed. Any close resemblance to anyone is purely incidental.)   Many a times, one gets so lost in the memory of someone real close that one tends to ignore the living. The power of human mind has not been harnessed as yet. The memory of those who have crossed into another realm outweighs the reality.   Thoughts of deceased one keeps on playing in one’s mind and all the moments of association seems to be sewn together in a shorter time frame. The thoughts traffic is so much that it leads to slowing of neuronal signal traffic.  A grieving heart cannot see beyond the grief.  Many a times, the mistakes one identifies having done with the deceased soul and unknowingly repeats with those living. It is of utmost importance to learn from past experience so as to not commit mistakes in present. Covid pandemic has been a witness to countless untimely deaths in various age gro

Reader's Choice # Fault in stars

Reader's Choice # Fault in stars (P.S. The name of reader in Reader’s Choice blog write ups is never disclosed. Any close resemblance to anyone is purely incidental.) It’s a normal human tendency to find fault exteriorly whenever something goes wrong in our lives. It’s so easy to look outside and needs immense courage to dwell inside. Gradually, one tends to label it as “It’s all in my stars, not my fault.” This one phrase seems to erase the guilt. Is it really so? My work place’s tranquility was broken when a friend literally barged into my office visibly disturbed and murmuring, “He always does this to me, it’s my fault, my destiny is star crossed, I have faulty stars and so on. As pro active reflex, I played my favorite Buddhist chants and ordered two cups of strong milk tea. After pacing my office for few minutes, she eased and sat on my reclining couch. I did not utter a word and waiting for her to speak up. She started off with the usual difficulties once faces while livi

Reader’s Choice # Father-son: the less spoken about relationship- Part 2

Reader’s Choice # Part 2 Father-son: the less spoken about relationship P.S. This is not a gender based write-up. Name of the person on whose request this has been written is strictly confidential. It's a lengthy write up for a blog  hence, it is divided into 2 parts.      Many a times, father asserts his position and power which doesn’t go well with his children. There is hairline difference between being assertive and dictatorship. Many a times, father’s behavior is judged as dictatorship by his own children especially son. Daughter’s tend to bend /bow down whereas as a son may confront. It seems like you are against your own self (a thirty years younger version).  Children learn by imbibing what they experience. Parent’s actions and conduct leaves a lasting impression than their words/preaching. In an attempt to prevent the child from committing mistakes, which parents did at the same age as that of their son's, usually an urgency or impatience creeps in which disturbs their

Reader’s Choice # Are we non judgemental enough !

Reader’s Choice #Are we non-judgemental enough!  In this Reader’s choice series, request is to highlight body shaming (P.S. The name of reader in Reader’s Choice blog write up is never disclosed. Any close resemblance to anyone is purely incidental.) God has taken every bit of care to create unique living beings. We, the highly evolved human beings have somehow forgotten this and try to judge each and every thing, aspect and God's creation too. Birth and death, day and night, hot and cold, dry and rains, greenery to deserts, everything on this planet co-exists. The essence lies in the existence of other realm. Somewhere during the evolution, one part of being non judgmental has become rudimentary and being judgmental has hypertrophied. Right from the time a soul takes a mortal form, so does the judgement of our society. One is judged on basis of color, sex, caste, creed, weight, height etc. There are different judgment parameters for age groups and sex. In males, height, wei